Remembering Ted Kennedy

On the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy, I wanted to share one of my images that I shot of him back in 1978 when I was an intern photographer at the White House. Kennedy and Mrs. Carter had just returned from the funeral of Pope Paul VI in Rome and were met by President Carter at Andrews Air Force Base.

I’ve been thinking about this image this week with the news of his death. I went on a hunt through my house today trying to find the album with the 11×14 print that I have (the negatives are in the Carter Library) to scan it and post it. After tearing through my garage and basement this afternoon for 2 hours… I was not able to find the print. I did get lucky tonight and found a slide copy in my office and did a scan of it (sorry for the poor quality…it is a 3rd generation image).

Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter and Ted Kennedy

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