Dale Geddes comes home

For 72 long years, the family of U.S. Marine Corps Pvt. Dale Robert Geddes was unable to say farewell to him with a proper burial.

They finally had that chance on Aug. 22. He was my mother’s cousin.

Geddes was killed during the World War II Battle of Tarawa in the islands in the Pacific. During the fighting, his remains were hurriedly buried. Unfortunately, they were in an area that came to be known as the “Lost Cemetery” because military officials were unable to find it for years.

Then last year, through the work of History Flight and the Stone Foundation, the lost graves were found and among them were the remains of Pvt. Geddes. The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency confirmed Tuesday that the remains were those of Geddes.

More photos here: http://wirelesstvguide.com/dalegeddes/index.html