Visitors from DC

One of my old newspaper buddies from CA, Jo Steck was in town this weekend. Jo now works as Deputy Director of Photography at the White House.

Jo Steck

She was intown for a hockey game for her son Eddie. Below is a photo of Eddie and Isabel. We last saw Eddie 7 years ago when we moved to New Jersey. During that visit Isabel taught Eddie how to climb out of his crib.

Isabel and Eddie

My visit to Central Nebraska

I took a detour on my way to CES to visit my parents in Central Nebraska this month. As I get older I am doing one of the great photographer tricks of re-visiting previous locations to update the images.

Hordville, NE is a very small town about 30 miles from my hometown of Grand Island, NE. I did a documentary project on Hordville while I was in college that resulted in one of my portfolio images of this grain elevator (shot on Kodachrome).

So 25 years later I came back and not much has changed in Hordville. There are more photos located at

The photo below is from the Hordville post office and reflects the imact of Walker Evans on my documentary style of photography.

Hordville NE Post Office

Re-visiting St. John’s Church

I went back to photograph this Danish Lutheran Church in Central Nebraska this month. I had been to this church many times growing up on Luther League retreats (including one memorable night where all we listened to was Stairway to Heaven all night). Here is the photo that I shot (in Kodachrome) in 1980.

I have more photos of the interior of the church posted at

St. John's Church in Kronborg NE