Welcome to my gallery of photography work from over the last 40 years

I’ve gone down a long road over my 40+ years as a professional photographer facing many creative challenges. I got my start as an intern photographer at the White House during the Carter administration in 1978. After working on both coasts I’ve ended back in Illinois and focus on documentary work, commercial assignments and portraits. Please contact me at jay@jaybryant.com if you need help with a project or photo assignment. All images are copyright 2023 by Jay Bryant. The website for my consulting work for Mint Collective is at: https://mintcollective.net/

Here are some of my favorite images:

Photo by Jay Bryant

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Some of my favorite Wedding Photos from the Rockford IL area

Rockford IL Wedding Photography by Jay Bryant

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Some of my favorite wedding photos that I’ve shot in the Rockford, IL area this last year. For the bride that wants great images from their wedding, Jay Bryant is a wedding photographer that provides real moments and relaxed portraits, unlike other photographers. Find out more information on pricing and packages at https://weddings.jaybryant.com Please contact me to set up time to meet to discuss my wedding photography services and answer your questions.

I push hard in my photography work to have images become metaphors of the moment that I’ve captured. In talking with my couples on their wedding day I remind them this is one of the few times in their lives where the past, present, and future meet.