Spring is here!!

Spring Flowers - Photo by Jay Bryant

Our dogwood tree in full bloom!

And here is a photo of Day 1 of my garden this year.  I planted:

12 tomato plants (5 varieties), green beans, snap peas, zucchini, cucumbers,  peppers,  rosemary, cilantro, basil. I’ve still got some room left in the garden..but will leave it for the cucumbers to take over.

my garden photo by Jay Bryant

Shopping for prom dresses with Emma

We went shopping at David’s Bridal in Freehold today for Emma’s prom dress.

photo by Jay Bryant

This was the dress she picked out.

photo by Jay Bryant

This was a cute red dress

photo by Jay Bryant

This was my favorite on her….but as you can tell by her face, she didn’t like it.

photo by Jay Bryant

This was a cute dress–but really huge on Emma.

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Photos from my parents wedding…


The photographer who shot my parents wedding for their 50th anniversary mailed them back the 4×5 negatives.  He shot 30 shots with with a 4×5 camera.  Quite a difference from today…where I’ll shoot 800-900 images at a wedding.  I’ve got a new scanner that scans in large negatives, so I am going to be scanning in the negatives during the long winter.